What does it mean to #BeAChampion? We ask that pursuit of our coaches and you, our athletes. As John Wooden states, “Wake each day and make it your masterpiece.” To us, it means bettering yourself each day so you can reach your full potential.

As you rise to greet each morning, make it a habit to pay attention to the details. The small, specific attributes of life build upon each other to make you a better version of yourself. As an athlete, the details constitute the path to peak performance. Do this and you will #BeAChampion.

With this, Tenac Championship Coaching introduces the color yellow. This color serves as a subtle reminder to pursue excellence in workouts, events, nutrition, hydration, and all the other components of your life: family, work, and daily living.

In conjunction with this reminder, we want to grow the online landscape to show what it means to #BeAChampion. When you see the hashtag #BeAChampion across Tenac social media site, you know a champion pursuit of excellence has been achieved, whether that was an event result, a milestone workout, or a life experience.

To pay it forward and motivate championship around you, tag any social media with #BeAChampion when you experience a moment of excellence. These posts will serve as a reminder that we are not alone in our personal quests – there are champions among us exceeding their potential.

Live in the pursuit of excellence. #BeAChampion

Jason Tullous,
Founder & Head Coach,
Tenac Championship Coaching