Tenac Science

Tenāc Championship Coaching creates custom training strategies and prescriptions based on current science. We focus our efforts on reliable and effective practices in order to ensure our athletes are receiving top-tier guidance and information.

Our coaches continuously survey the entire arena of exercise science, nutrition, equipment and technology to refine our training methods and evaluation processes to improve performance outcomes. This allows us to confirm what is valid, what is unsubstantiated, and what still needs analysis.

One of our priorities is to learn how our athletes react to training based on individual physiological differences. This analysis is absolutely crucial. In fact, without an external eye on performance and data, most athletes will have difficulty realizing the truth of the parameters they must train within.

Our coaches collect athlete-generated data, analyze it, and create historical graphs in order to understand an athlete’s ability to adapt to the stresses of training.  This information provides us with a foundation for continued consultation and training education focused on teaching athletes how to listen and work with their body.

The fact also remains that being human and training can not solely rely on data to gain advantage. At times, training will become intense and difficult. There is a wealth of scientific research supporting the use of mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques as a part of any successful training strategy. In addition to the study of sports psychology, the incorporation of mindful methodologies have proven their worth in practices such as Buddhism, yoga, and Zen, among others. We understand how the application of meditation, breathing, and imagery positively impact our athletes’ ability to withstand the outer limits of their bodies. We teach them how to control pain and suffering, and apply these skills as a fundamental part of their development process.