Envision the Corner; Envision the year

In the art of cornering we follow the basic recipe of the three “L’s:”

We practice this to no end.  Every corner. Over and over and over. 

To go deeper into this cornering recipe, I ask you to think more on the part of “Look.”  Looking where you want to go begins with you looking to a good line to properly set yourself up for a successful corner.   More often than not,  this is looking at a line on the outside of the corner; this is setting yourself for a corner of outside, inside, outside.   Most successful corners follow this line.  So you look to your outside line, then you get low and look where you want to go next.  Lean your bike and take off through the corner.

It’s rarely perfect and we make minor adjustments to successfully navigate the corner.  That’s just life.  That’s just the life of cornering and we accept it.  We move on to do it all again on the next corner and the next and the next…

The most important piece of this exercise is the “looking” before the corner.  It’s the setting yourself up to succeed otherwise you’re just reacting to everything versus being proactive.  

Being proactive will bring you more consistent success. Of course you can get lucky every once in a while but we are not relying on luck. We want to rely on skill.

Now I ask you to use this cornering exercise as a metaphor for your coming season. We want to be proactive. We want to set ourselves up to succeed.  So let’s take this time to look. 

Envision what you want in this next season. Take a few deep breaths and begin to visualize it.  Write it down. Share it. If you need help getting started,  click on our Goal Set Form

Set yourself up for success. Look where you want to go.  With every athlete, we practice this exercise and like cornering we do have to make minor adjustments along the way.  Those adjustments are expected and easily done as long as we first have the “Look.”   We have the vision.

I encourage you to take this time through the holidays and start looking.  You don’t have to see the complete map where you want to go but do have an idea.  And if you already have that vision, start forming your map. 

If you need help with that map, contact your coach and/or contact us at info@gotenac.com and we will help build that vision and map.