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Giro Endurance Cycling Camp

Posted by on 2.15.23 in Experience

May 11 thru May 18th, 2024 Cattolica, Italy The ultimate Italian experience!  This camp is designed to build your endurance to prepare you for your summertime goals. We are just adding in Italian roads, food, and of course, the Giro. During the camp, we’ll ride out to see the Giro pass by, we’ll have VIP […]

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5 Best Performances

Posted by on 9.15.22 in Experience

#TBT I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since I won this jersey.  This day was one of my best days on a bicycle and not just because I won. I had envisioned the race and followed through on that vision.  I had a flawless race followed up afterwards with celebrations with Lanie Mason, Jeff […]

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Final Tips for the Epicrides Whiskey Offroad

Posted by on 4.18.22 in Experience

Whether you like your Whiskey neat or on the rocks, these tips will ensure you have a good Whiskey finish.  Assuming you have been training consistently and gradually building up your aerobic capacity and stamina, there are a few factors within your control that will allow you to have your best performance at the Whiskey […]

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Explore Your Boundaries

Posted by on 3.31.22 in Experience

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” is one of my favorite quotes. At times, the sea of your life will be calm and peaceful, a time when everything in your life is going well and all things seem to fall into place. These are the times when life feels grand. These periods of […]

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Cape Epic MTB Stage Race: The Demands

Posted by on 3.15.22 in Cape Epic, Experience

Next week begins the biggest and hardest MTB stage race in the world, the Cape Epic. Through the years, Tenac has coached many athletes to success at this event. We coached the 2014 winner, Kristian Hynek and 2018 stage winner Luis Mieja to success at Cape Epic.  Most of our athletes are not at this […]

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Leadville 100 MTB Fueling Plan: How To Fuel and Hydrate Like a Pro at Leadville

Posted by on 3.11.22 in Experience, Leadville, Science

If you’re looking to master Leadville on race day, you not only need a Leadville specific training plan to gain and maintain your fitness prior to your event, but you also need to master your Leadville 100 MTB fueling plan as a part of that. The fact is, as events get longer, nutrition and hydration become […]

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A Sub-9 Hour Leadville MTB 100? Learn what it takes from these insider tips.

Posted by on 3.11.22 in Experience, Leadville, Results, Science

If your desire is to finish a Sub-9 Hour Leadville MTB 100 race, let’s discover as many variables needing control to make this possibility a reality. Several factors will give you the ability to finish a Sub-9 Hour Leadville MTB 100 and there are always some variables which are unknown and uncontrollable. Here, Tenac describes a few […]

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Posted by on 3.1.22 in Experience

Race Face, you know the face. It’s the face of intensity, tranquility, and ultimately focus all in one.  This is the face of Control.   Control of your actions is of the utmost importance when entering an event.   The Samurai called this Shodo-O-Seisu. Shodo means “first move” and Seisu means “ to control” translating to “control […]

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Leadville Training Plan | How to Succeed at the Leadville Trail 100

Posted by on 2.15.22 in Experience, Leadville

The lottery has been drawn or you’ve qualified at a Leadville Racing Series event. It doesn’t matter how, now you’re in – come August you will be face to face with the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. Are you ready? How will you prepare? Leadville is a huge effort, so don’t leave your investment […]

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Goal = Your Best Performance

Posted by on 1.17.22 in Experience, Results

Winning.  That’s what we typically aim for and for sure we at Tenac love to promote your wins and top results.  It’s one sign that your training is going in the right direction and it’s a celebration of your excellence. We do find motivation in winning and it is a good place to start.  However, […]

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