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Envision the Corner; Envision the year

Posted by on 12.8.21 in Experience

In the art of cornering we follow the basic recipe of the three “L’s:” Look Low Lean  We practice this to no end.  Every corner. Over and over and over.  To go deeper into this cornering recipe, I ask you to think more on the part of “Look.”  Looking where you want to go begins […]

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Embrace the Recovery

Posted by on 11.9.21 in Experience

As Jack Kornfield writes, “After the ecstasy, the laundry.”  I feel many of us (yes including me) have this sense of post-event depression right now.  We built ourselves up towards our summertime goals and now we are in a state of depletion (mentally and physically).  And I feel it is stronger this year than in […]

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Pacing: The Sub 6hr Leadville MTB 100

Posted by on 7.22.21 in Experience, Leadville

In 2014, Kristian Hynek won the Cape Epic MTB stage race with teammate Robert Mennen.  It was Kristian’s biggest win to date and the biggest win for an athlete I coached.  Alban Lakata was teamed up with Kristian but had broken his leg earlier in the year and was not able to race. The year […]

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Let’s Empty Our Teacup

Posted by on 7.6.21 in Experience

I recently heard a proverb about a coach and athlete. Although there are multiple versions of this proverb, here is my favorite one: An experienced athlete went to visit a master coach. While the coach quietly made tea and served it, the athlete talked and talked about their knowledge of training.  The coach poured the […]

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The Success of Failure

Posted by on 5.20.21 in Experience

Through my 20+years of coaching athletes, I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to work with many Champion athletes.  In those years, I noticed 2 specific traits of those athletes. They have a high tolerance for failure. They fail more often than other athletes. The second trait stems from them taking risks more often which gives […]

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Putting Yourself in Position to Win

Posted by on 5.11.15 in Experience, Results, Uncategorized

Yesterday, athlete John Murphy raced to 4th place at stage 1 of the Amgen Tour of California.  Today I write that I am proud of Murphy’s ability to put himself in position to win.  He didn’t win by standing on the top of the podium but he won by putting together a plan and […]

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Goal Setting – Step by Step, Week by Week

Posted by on 1.7.15 in Experience, Uncategorized

One of the best ways to begin prepping for an upcoming season is to start with your goals.  The idea is to get them written down on paper — not an ipad or a computer screen, sit down in with a pad of paper and pen. Whether it’s a goal event in July or simply […]

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The Tenac Community

Posted by on 7.6.14 in Experience, Uncategorized

Our approach to coaching sets us apart from the standard experience because we strive to develop a sense of community among our athletes. We are, after all, founded on family. We are a team through support. We encourage our athletes to reach out to fellow teammates and work to support each other as goals are sought. Need a ride route? […]

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Breck Epic Training Camp, 2014

Posted by on 6.18.14 in Experience, Uncategorized

With the 2014 rendition of the Breck Epic just around 50 days away, it was time to throw down the gauntlet of a Breck Epic Training camp. This was the essential moment to take advantage of peak fitness development given the span of just under two months before the event. For this to have maximum return on fitness, we […]

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