The Tenac Community

Our approach to coaching sets us apart from the standard experience because we strive to develop a sense of community among our athletes. We are, after all, founded on family. We are a team through support. We encourage our athletes to reach out to fellow teammates and work to support each other as goals are sought. Need a ride route? Need a domestique? Need a training partner?  Reach out to the team and we will be there for you.

To encourage this sense of community, we have created some outlets on social media to enable you to reach out. We are designing specific webpage of all our athletes so we know who is who and where who is.

We have a private Strava club(Tenāc Championship Coaching) that we use as a forum and some friendly competition. We’ll keep a close eye on everyone’s progress there.  You can use this forum to search out team members or ask questions.

We also will post to our Facebook page, twitter account, and instagram.  If anyone uses Flipboard, we love posting our favorite articles to the Tenac Championship Coaching magazine.

We encourage you as athletes to tweet, post, and celebrate your championship victories whether that is accomplishing your year goal, having a break thru workout, or even winning the city limit sprint.  When you do this, use the hashtag #goTenac so we all can celebrate with you.