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A guide to nutrition and hydration for the Leadville MTB 100.

Leadville 100 MTB Fueling Plan: How To Fuel and Hydrate Like a Pro at Leadville

Posted by on 3.11.22 in Experience, Leadville, Science

If you’re looking to master Leadville on race day, you not only need a Leadville specific training plan to gain and maintain your fitness prior to your event, but you also need to master your Leadville 100 MTB fueling plan as a part of that. The fact is, as events get longer, nutrition and hydration become […]

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A Sub-9 Hour Leadville MTB 100? Learn what it takes from these insider tips.

Posted by on 3.11.22 in Experience, Leadville, Results, Science

If your desire is to finish a Sub-9 Hour Leadville MTB 100 race, let’s discover as many variables needing control to make this possibility a reality. Several factors will give you the ability to finish a Sub-9 Hour Leadville MTB 100 and there are always some variables which are unknown and uncontrollable. Here, Tenac describes a few […]

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What is Max Aerobic Interval Training?

Posted by on 2.15.22 in Science

You may be new to endurance training techniques, or you may be a veteran. Either way, it’s good to review what Max Aerobic Interval training really is. Max Aerobic interval training predominately stimulates your VO2. These types of intervals are not a “full gas” maximum power from start to finish which we do later in […]

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Supersapiens: The future of Fueling

Posted by on 7.6.21 in Science

For the past several weeks, I have been monitoring my blood glucose with a new device engineered by @supersapiensinc and @abbottglobal.  The system allows you to see (in real time) your glucose levels so that you may maintain your optimal fuel range to achieve your performance goals.  You can also use the data to fuel […]

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Tenac Brings Champions Mind App to it’s Athletes

Posted by on 6.4.21 in Science

“Think of your mind as a muscle.  The more you use it, the stronger it will become.”  -Frederick Lenz We at Tenac have always coached the mental game of our athletes but also felt we needed more to get the very best from our athletes.  So we have brought in the Champion’s Mind App with […]

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Recovery = Success

Posted by on 9.2.15 in Science, Uncategorized

Written by Coach Jorge Munoz Many factors play a role in a successful training program, and Recovery is at the top of the list.  Without recovery, there is no adaption and without adaptation, there is no improvement. Recovery can occur in many parts of your day and you have control of it.  Think of them […]

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Sweat Rate Calculator

Posted by on 6.25.14 in Science, Uncategorized

Summer has arrived and along with it, a rise in temperatures. Increasing temperatures increase your hydration rate during workouts.  Typically, we assume 20-30 ounces per hour is enough for most athletes, but when the temp rises, the need to increase hydration AND electrolyte intake also increases. But how much do we increase that number?  There are general guidelines […]

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