Supersapiens: The future of Fueling

For the past several weeks, I have been monitoring my blood glucose with a new device engineered by @supersapiensinc and @abbottglobal.  The system allows you to see (in real time) your glucose levels so that you may maintain your optimal fuel range to achieve your performance goals.  You can also use the data to fuel your recovery and prepare for your next hard workout and/or event.

The entire system includes the Abbott Glucose sensor, a phone app and integration into your cycling computer.  Currently the device is still in a testing phase before FDA approval and integration into a cycling computer is not available in the USA, yet. However, it was fairly easy to pull my phone out and check how I was fueling my ride.

With the app, you can input your “Events” which allows you to specifically examine that event. An event could be a ride, a walk, eating a meal, etc…  You can see one my events pictured below.


I did several experiments on myself.  One experiment I conducted (pictured) was not eating prior to my ride and then only drinking water for 3+hours.  Everything started ok but slowly my energy levels and my watts took a big plunge.  Post ride, I went back to the data and saw my glucose gradually drop and even plunge below 80 during the ride.  I think we all know what happens when you do such a ride but it was interesting to put some data with the experience.

All in all this device does not tell us anything new. We know we need to eat and drink and we need to do it early in the ride and often.  But, I do see this device becoming widely used. It’s a live update on how well you are eating.  I know of no other place to get this data.  Also, everyone is different and how we fuel is going to be different. I see this device helping each individual to dial in their fueling requirements and ultimately guiding them to their best performance.

Another plus, I found the device holding me accountable to my eating habits. When I went to the cupboard for a to snack, I chose non sugar snacks as I wanted to keep a stable glucose in the off training hours.

For more information on the Supersapiens device, check out Again, this product is not currently available in the USA but I assume it will be available soon.