Justin Martin


Originally from Texas, Justin began his passion for two wheels at the age of three when his father put him on his first dirt bike. Justin traveled across the country racing motocross and was able to collect a few state and national amateur motocross titles before he graduated high school. It was this early beginning that set the base for Justin’s interest in training the human body and mind that has led him here today. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, he found a love for mountain bikes. Justin was able to win the Texas State XC MTB Championship in the Pro/Open category in 2018 before moving to Colorado and begin a journey of racing professionally and becoming a coach.. Since moving to Colorado, Justin has acquired racing experience at the elite level and has become a certified USA Cycling coach. He focuses his athletes on becoming the best they can be with his athletes having best performances in XC MTB racing, motocross racing, and longer gravel events.