Month: July 2021

Pacing: The Sub 6hr Leadville MTB 100

Posted by on 7.22.21 in Experience, Leadville

In 2014, Kristian Hynek won the Cape Epic MTB stage race with teammate Robert Mennen.  It was Kristian’s biggest win to date and the biggest win for an athlete I coached.  Alban Lakata was teamed up with Kristian but had broken his leg earlier in the year and was not able to race. The year […]

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Let’s Empty Our Teacup

Posted by on 7.6.21 in Experience

I recently heard a proverb about a coach and athlete. Although there are multiple versions of this proverb, here is my favorite one: An experienced athlete went to visit a master coach. While the coach quietly made tea and served it, the athlete talked and talked about their knowledge of training.  The coach poured the […]

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Supersapiens: The future of Fueling

Posted by on 7.6.21 in Science

For the past several weeks, I have been monitoring my blood glucose with a new device engineered by @supersapiensinc and @abbottglobal.  The system allows you to see (in real time) your glucose levels so that you may maintain your optimal fuel range to achieve your performance goals.  You can also use the data to fuel […]

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