Author: Jason Tullous

The Tenac Community

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Our approach to coaching sets us apart from the standard experience because we strive to develop a sense of community among our athletes. We are, after all, founded on family. We are a team through support. We encourage our athletes to reach out to fellow teammates and work to support each other as goals are sought. Need a ride route? […]

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Sweat Rate Calculator

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Summer has arrived and along with it, a rise in temperatures. Increasing temperatures increase your hydration rate during workouts.  Typically, we assume 20-30 ounces per hour is enough for most athletes, but when the temp rises, the need to increase hydration AND electrolyte intake also increases. But how much do we increase that number?  There are general guidelines […]

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Breck Epic Training Camp, 2014

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With the 2014 rendition of the Breck Epic just around 50 days away, it was time to throw down the gauntlet of a Breck Epic Training camp. This was the essential moment to take advantage of peak fitness development given the span of just under two months before the event. For this to have maximum return on fitness, we […]

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